LINGJACK first commenced its humble establishment in 1972, specialized in manufacturing of fire fighting equipment, with a growing work force of approximately 200 professionally trained employee. Head quarter situated in the north of Singapore - Woodlands East industrial Estate, Lingjack Industrial building. With over 4 decades of experience in the field of fire and safety industry, LINGJACK has always strived to provide the first class products and services to the customer.
In LINGJACK, we live by the spirit of delivering values to customer through distinctive customer service and zero defects products. Adapting international standard on stringent control of work and System, certified by LPCB(UK). Furthermore our entire range of products are certified by Setsco, PSB, UL,DNV, ABS, MED, PED and LPCB.
Besides two manufacturing plants in Singapore and Malaysia, LINGJACK has established its 3rd factory in Shanghai, China, to provide professional solution and service specialized in Fire Fighting System and Life Saving Equipment in Marine & Offshore Industries with efficient after sale services globally.
 林杰公司创办于1972年,总部位于新加坡北部兀兰东工业区内的林杰工业大厦。四十余年来,公司始终专注于消防设备的生产,并致力于为客户提供一流的、独特的服务与零缺陷的产品。公司现拥有一百人以上的专业团队,以及多年来在消防与安全行业内积攒下的丰富的经验与良好的口碑。公司生产线与质量控制严格遵循国际化标准,全部产品均已通过LPCB (UK)、SETSCO、PSB、UL、DNV、ABS、MED、PED、LPCB等多项认证。公司在新加坡、马来西亚、中国上海三地各拥有一家制造厂,为全球船舶与海洋工程行业提供消防系统与消防救生设备方面专业的解决方案与优质、高效的售后服务。

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